Saturday, August 27, 2016

Some Oliver stories

Life's been heavy around here lately. Not for any particular reason, just because, drama. So I'm trying to focus on the giggles, the snuggles, the slobbery kisses, the struggles of toddlerhood and the amazing moments of learning and growth that walk hand in hand with those struggles.

I've been writing down the 'sillies' and the 'sweets' in our days lately. It's a beautiful kind of catharsis.

I though I'd share some of this week's moments with you. Here, share a giggle.

This Sunday I taught in the nursery at church, so by the time I was done, Derek had already picked up Oliver and they were playing in the front lawn. When Oliver saw me, he smiled said 'nurse' (typical) and promptly started walking in the opposite direction (not typical). He walked with a purpose, I followed behind, and nothing I said slowed him down. He'd merely respond by pointing emphatically ahead of him. He went across the lawn, into the church, and then the sanctuary. He walked up to the end chair in the back row, pointed to the seat and said 'Couch. Nurse.' Then looked at me and nodded.

In other boob news, Oliver has started doing this thing when I run out of milk. He sits up, pulls my shirt down to cover me and says 'other side'. He has not, however, figured out that Mama only has two sides and when they are both out of milk, he is out of luck.

Today, Oliver successfully identified first the owner and then the name of every article of clothing as I folded it.
 'Mama's. Chirt.'
'Daddy's. Mants (pants)'
'Mine. Diaper.'

When Oliver sits on the potty, we play finger games (like 'Where Is Thumpkin), it keeps him still and entertained while we wait for him to do his business. I have about half a dozen songs and rhymes that we cycle through. Lately, he has started being opinionated about which song he wants to do, but here's the kicker: he's made up his own names for them. And most of them are incomprehensible. So I just have to guess, and if I'm right, he nods emphatically and plays along, and if I'm wrong, he very loudly protests till I try a different one. It's a kind of game in itself. 

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  1. You have a very delightful son!!! I love the moments when our children pull us into their silliness! :)